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Our First Baby “Quinn”

Quinn on Saturday, June 10, 2017. (27 days old)


My latest drawings for “PUCKY schlafkind”—a modern swaddling system, which offers babies the perfect balance between the sensation of security, the feeling of freedom and the needs to have enough space to move around so that they can develop themselves properly while sleeping.

Congrats and many thanks to everyone who makes this happen!



Graphic Finissage Invitation

Inbetween Silence

Monoblock B & Crickreel—great sounds + fantastic images save my life!

INBETWEEN SILENCE from Crick on Vimeo.

Spider Dance

Howdy, long time no Zee!

I’ve uploaded my first private video on Youtube. It’s about a busy little spider, which caught my eye during our last summer vacation on Lake Biel. The video is accompanied with some cool “noise” made by Crick.

You can listen to the complete version of “Celebration 01”, the music partly used in my video, here just below the video window. Or, head for some other nice music pieces of Crick, at Soundcloud here.

I hope you enjoy!


round animals

3D-animation short film…

Happy weekend!!


I’ve moved!

Hi there. I have just moved my blog from to self hosted blog.
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Swiss memo #01: “R”

German letter “R” is a trap.

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Award: “the Versatile Blogger”s

I’m nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Mishellsoup aka Michelle, honored and thank again!


I would love to pay it forward. But it’ll take me a while since I’m a very busy struggling artist in life and a new blogger who’s still — “grün hinter den Ohren” in German — half-baked. So please bear with me.

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Portraits of the people I’ve never met

These are Oil paintings I made for “Red Dot Design Award Basel”: Portraits of the Designers, who won the prizes over other 511 prise-winning design firms from 43 different countries around the world. Their works are representing all aspects of communication design.

Note: I had to produce these paintings at horribly quick pace, so that the others had enough time to make the Reproductions of them before the Exhibition.

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