Swiss memo #01: “R”

German letter “R” is a trap.

It sounds ridiculously different than any other “R”s in any other languages I’ve ever heard. And its pronunciation, even though within such a tiny little country like Switzerland, varies dramatically from city to city.

I dare to say I speak German very well. But some of these R-words just catch me each time! One of these oddest, awfully embarrassing R-words has double “R”s in it, one “R” followed by a nasty accented “U” and the other “R” standing near two “L”s (which can also sound similar to the “R”s). That’s (as you’ve guessed it) “Frühlingsrolle”: word for “springrolls” in German.

Well, when chinese crispy delicasy must have two “R”s in its German version, that’s just a pure fate. What a cruel irony for me.

I’ll get some “Frühlingsrolle” for lunch today.

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